>Loren Must Respect Metallica

>Tonight we were all in the car headed for home and Loren decided she had had ENOUGH!

Stage four meltdown and no jingling, binkie inserting or talking to her was changing her mind.

So after 10 minutes of screaming Metallica (Enter Sandman) comes on the radio and this conversation happens.

Mel: (Turning up the music) Loren, you can’t cry during Metallica
Loren: (Goes silent like she understood) sniffle
Mel: (Singing) Hush little baby dont say a word….
Loren: (Still quiet)
Darcie: This is unreal…I’m downloading some Metallica
Mel: (Laughs)
Loren: (Starts screaming again after like 90 seconds…)

Crazy right? I’m telling you her timing is impeccable.


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