>Baby Bonding

>So far baby bonding has been pretty amazing. It’s great to be able to spend time with Loren and watch her change every day! It’s amazing how far she’s come in just 11 short weeks!

The last two days have been a little challenging. First we had to get rid of our cat Orion. He truly wasn’t getting the love and attention he deserves and a new home is what will be best for him. I’ve been much more emotional about it than I anticipated. It makes me cry just typing about it! We did find a great guy to take him…he’s the only pet so he should get all kind of love.

Today was exhausting. I felt a little hungover from the emotional day before AND Loren decided that naps are for the weak. For the last two days she’s napped at the minimum level for her survival apparently. I never will understand why babies fight sleep! She would only sleep on me, as soon as I moved her she would wake up and the naps ALL DAY totaled around 75 minutes.

Needless to say I’m not to the point where I’m eager to be a stay at home mom, but on that same note I’m not looking forward to going back to work.

The journey continues…


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