>The Schedule…

>We are working towards one…there are still variations…

For the past two nights I’ve given Loren her last bottle at 10pm…put her in the swing at 10:30pm and then she’s slept until after Mel’s clock goes off…Mel feeds her, puts her back in her swing and then she sleeps until 8am…so that means I GET TO SLEEP UNTIL 8am…IT’S AMAZING!

Cue Conversation: Darcie Calls Mel This Morning…

Mel: What time did Loren get her last bottle?
Dar: 10
Mel: “We” should try and give it to her an hour earlier…I practically had to wake her up to feed her this morning…
Dar: Ok…(Whilst thinking “DAMMIT! An hour earlier means up at 7 instead of 8…and I really want it to be 10…SIGH) Umm…couldnt you just pump?
Mel: She should eat before I pump…or my milk might dry up…
Dar: {sad and dejected} Ok…but I liked sleeping until 8am

Fast forward two hours and I receive a text message from Melissa: “Hey if you need a blog topic you could blog about your desire for more sleep vs. my desire to feed and nourish our child…”(OK it didnt reallllly say that but that’s how I took it!)


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