>Diaper Raffle

>When we had our baby shower there was a diaper raffle. Guests bring a package of diapers (in addition to their gift) and they are entered to win a prize.

It’s a beautiful thing really. It gives new parents a boat load of diapers in assorted sizes AND most importantly gives new parents a boat load of diapers in different BRANDS so you can try out all the different kinds and determine what works best for your baby!

Luvs – multiple moms said “we used these and you will LOVE them!”. WRONG – they are best described as a plastic bag with toilet paper stuffed on the inside. They are crinkly and hard…I assume uncomfortable! They do not absorb...so when you open the diaper its like a lake of pee and poo (EWW!) AND the worst part is that when she does poo you can SEE it through the diaper…the entire diaper becomes this gross brown color. I really can’t say enough about how bad the Luvs were/are (unfortunately we still have some left that I’m determined to use)…

Huggies – multiple moms said “we used these and you will LOVE them!”. WRONG -Don’t get me wrong Huggies absorb WAY better than Luvs but, Loren’s legs are too skinny for them and so they leak.

Seventh Generation – we got no feed back on these “green” chlorine free diapers BUT I assumed we would like them because they are wicked expensive! They absorb great, they fit pretty well BUT because they are chlorine free they are beige…they look dirty AND they have no cartoon characters…I’m out!

Pampers – multiple moms said “we used these and you will LOVE them!”. RIGHT! These fit GREAT, we don’t have leakage, and they are so soft! The downside, is that they are pretty expensive and rarely have sales/coupons!

The only brand we have left from the diaper raffle that we have yet to try are Target and yesterday someone said “OMG I HATED THE TARGET BRAND DIAPERS”…please note this is the ONLY negative feedback we’ve gotten…so this should be good!


3 thoughts on “>Diaper Raffle

  1. >OMG I also HATED the Target Brand Diapers.However…I am using the Costco ones now, and I like them pretty well.I liked Pampers with my girls, but boys are different…as we all know ;)I like Huggies for Isaac. I agree with you on the leg thing though.

  2. >I want to try the costco ones (let's face it…we are hoping and praying they work!) but it's sooo many diapers to commit to when we might hate them!Someone said they are comparable to Huggies…which scares me!

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