>Heart Strings

>Melissa and I are very similar. We are really driven by having a routine. Even before Loren arrived we did things by routine…we grocery shop on Sunday…Laundry is done on Saturday (notice the lack of WE with laundry!)…

So our new nightly routine is like this.

5:00 pm (ish) – I get home from work.
5:30pm – One of us cooks dinner.
7:00pm – LG gets a bath
8:00pm – Mel goes to bed (dont judge she gets up at 4am these days)
8:00pm – 11:00pm – can go a lot of different ways but regardless its Me and LG

Last night was dreamy! She was in a good mood, she smiled, she “talked” and she passed out in my lap after her bottle!

I never knew that heartstrings ran through my finger…but last night she tugged on them (pretty tightly!).


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