>Counting Down…

>I love a good countdown. When we got married I made Melissa a countdown chain that she could rip off everyday for an ooey gooey message. When Laura moved to S. Korea I made her a countdown until you come home (and then she extended her contract…and I never finished the countdown…yada yada). When we found out Mel was pregnant I numbered my calender so I would know just how many days we hand until the due date.

Here are my current count downs…

5 Days – Until Mel goes back to work 😦
8 Days – Until Grandma Sue arrives.
9 Days – Until Aunt Mo arrives! (she will be swimming for marriage equality please donate!).
16 Days – Until my last day of work and the start of my baby bonding time.
44 Days – Until Aunt Lauren visits!
48 Days – Until Loren’s first Halloween.
68 Days – Until we leave for Mississippi.
73 Days – Until Loren’s first Thanksgiving.
81 Days – Until my 3oth birthday. (ahh…remember when I wanted to go on a cruise for my 30th…)
83 Days – Until I go back to work and baby bonding time is over (sad face!).
91 Days – Until Melissa’s 29th Birthday.
103 Days – Until Loren’s first Christmas.

What are you counting down to?


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