>Sleeping like a baby…my ass

>Who coined the term “sleeping like a baby”?

I feel the same way I feel about the person who designed footy pajamas (I’m not sure the person who designed them actually had feet) – HAS THIS PERSON EVER SEEN A BABY SLEEP?

Loren, for example, never sleeps like I would imagine this person meant when he said SLEEPING LIKE A BABY!

Loren sighs, grunts, groans, squirms and wiggles ALL NIGHT!

Four – Six yesterday morning were VERY grunty hours.

Have I mentioned I’m the worlds lightest sleeper?

Of course LG must have sensed I was writing this post yesterday because LAST NIGHT she slept for SEVEN HOURS (IN A ROW!) 10:30pm – 5:30am…I realize it was likely some sort of fluke b/c she only napped for about an hour all day yesterday but it was a nice break for these new moms!


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