>growth spurt…AGAIN?

>Yesterday was a trying day for the new moms. LGC was restless, fussy, and STARVING all day. Apparently, another growth spurt.

She slept for maybe an hour all day while Melissa had her. She spent the majority of the day eating every hour and after the ate she would doze off for 60 seconds and the lurch herself awake. This continued after I got home.

At 8:00pm Mel went to bed and I gave LG a bottle. Yes, of formula (don’t judge she gets breast milk 99.99% of the time…but it is said formula “sticks” with them and keeps them satisfied longer and after hourly feedings yesterday Mel was SORE!).

After she ate she was so fussy. I held her, rocked her, shushed her, I walked her, I even took her out in her stroller…still she fussed. So we (me, LG, and Boston) returned from our walk and I rolled her straight into the apartment in the stroller and suddenly she got quiet…COULD IT BE? SLEEP??? No such luck…she spent 15 minutes laying in her stroller looking at the ceiling, walls, lights and whatever else… but she was content (ish).

That ended at 9pm and I woke Mel up to feed her. I did more shushing, rocking, walking and then it happened SHE SLEPT! I was scared to move and undo what finally had been done! I did finally put her in her bouncy and she slept for the most beautiful hour! Then she was hungry again…so I made her bottle.

At 11:00pm I put her in her swing (wide awake) turned the lights off and crawled into bed.

Then something new happened – she slept for FOUR HOURS. I’m sure she was exhausted from being awake all day long…but now I couldn’t sleep. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT EITHER!

I’m so paranoid about SIDS that I was worried she had slept so long and something might be wrong that I kept waking up and listening for her noises, breaths, and little baby sounds.

I’m crazy.

She and Mel got up at 3:15am and never did come back to bed…I found Mel asleep on the couch and LG in her bouncy this morning. I covered Mel up with a blanket and headed to work…

I hope today is a better day for all 3 of the Cotton girls…yesterday was exhausting…


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