>Problems…I’ve got em….

>We’ve pretty much put the child care issue on hold…really we are just delaying the inevitable. Since I’m taking 8 weeks of baby bonding time, we can delay it until at least December (and we can hopefully stretch that to January…)

However, we have a little problem. Melissa should start back to work in just over a week…but I wont start my leave until just over 3 weeks, so there is a two week gap and Mel says that the dog and the cat can’t be trusted to babysit (YET!)and I think she’s too little to stick at a child care facility. So, Melissa’s mom is coming to watch LGC for the second week, but will (selfishly!) be in Hawaii during week one. Why does my family live so far away?

I signed and mailed off the adoption petition yesterday. Wrote a check for $720 (cringe) to pay for court filing fees and investigation fees. Now, we will see if our “legal assistance” will file with the court in a timely fashion. I’ve been less than impressed with her (to say the least) thus far.

LGC didnt sleep much last night. Another growth spurt? Gas? Missing Grandma and Grandpa still? I dont know…but I’m tired and Melissa is even more tired. I hate seeing my little monkey so fussy and not know how to help her 😦


5 thoughts on “>Problems…I’ve got em….

  1. >The better question is "why do YOU live so far from your family". See you on the 23rd. Sorry but that is the best I can do. And I plan on having a great time in Hawaii ( I'll bring u back a souvenir LOL ) Love u guys

  2. >@Bruin – yes I did. She was unavailable and Jess has potential Jury Duty. Looks like Mel's aunt kitty is available and will do it….she may even be able to do it come January…which would be awesome@NoShoe – I know you would!

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