>I should’ve put money on it!

>After Loren’s amazing behavior on our drive to Arizona on Thursday I predicted that the drive home would not be so easy. I was right…

Thursday Loren slept the majority of the ride and didnt need to be fed until well past the half way point in the drive.

Tuesday on the drive home she required food less than an hour in – WE WEREN’T EVEN TO THE FREEWAY YET! Then, 30 minutes down the freeway she was screaming again…so I stopped AGAIN and Melissa got in the backseat with her. Which meant move the dog and his bed to the front and all the stuff (diaper bag, lap top, bag of food, grand canyon souvenirs) that was on the floor to the front so Melissa had somewhere to out her feet! She was still fussy until we hit Barstow (only 1 1/2 hours to go from here!) where she got to eat again and then she passed out for the last leg of our drive! FINALLY!

She was an angel the entire time we were at grandma and grandpas, she wasnt fussy, she slept like a rock and smiled alot!

Last night she was fussy, slept like crap, and pooped a lot.

Needless to say we miss the grandparents a lot this morning.


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