>The Over/Under

>In my world the Over/Under has nothing to do with sports…it has to do with packing for the babys first trip!

We are going to visit Melissa’s parents in the Arizona for Labor Day. The problem is – I would always rather to over pack rather than under pack. In my (and Melissa’s) mind we went through the typical day with Loren.

Here’s my list so far.
Pack N Play (A must…it’s a changing table AND a bassinet)
Bouncy (Also a must…for her parents)
Clothes (Gowns, Onsies, Socks, CUTE STUFF – obviously)
Burp Cloths
Pink Seahorse (she loves him!)
Baby Wash
Towel/wash cloth
Nail Clippers/File
Gas Meds
Bigger Diaper Bag

Things I wish I could put on my list:
Baby Bath Tub
Her entire bedroom (strapped to the roof of my car!)

Notice this includes NOTHING for Melissa and I OR the required electronics (laptop, cameras, phones) and all of the required charging devices – we travel with!

I don’t want to completely OVER do it…but this is the our first trip with Loren and I imagine we are going to need a u-haul…

An unrelated Conversation from Marriage:
The scene: In the car driving on the freeway…

Dar: Oh babe…dont look it’s the new Camaro.
Mel: AWE! I want it…it’s even the SS
Dar: Super Sport?
Mel: Yep
Dar: I’m so smart…such a…Engine Head
Mel: {Silence}
Dar: {Squirms Knowing Engine Head was not the right term}
Mel: I think you meant Gear Head
Dar: HAHA…yeah
Laughter Erupts…


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