>It’s time for your close up!

>Tuesday we had the first official photos taken of Loren!

She was pretty well behaved. There are lots of photos with her eyes open and a few with us as a family! The only thing that didn’t work out were the typical newborn pictures. She refused to fall asleep…and you just can’t move, manipulate, and prop up an awake baby!

Newborn photo shoots always require naked baby photos…no diaper + loren grace = bad news! Melissa and I both (two separate occasions) got peed on by our little angel!

Of course because she was soooo well behaved during the photos she had a stage four meltdown during the 20 minute drive home…and because I can’t stand to hear that blood curdling scream I had to pull over and let Mel get in the back. I don’t know why she was so upset, but mommy fixed it and she slept long enough for us to get home, heat up left overs and eat them!

In three months when we do photos again I am not allowed to go buy her a new outfit and I’m certainly not allowed to buy two…that aren’t on sale!


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