>bleeding heart…err ears

>Yesterday morning I woke up to Loren screaming. I can tell you after nineteen days of excellent parenting she doesn’t scream that often. She get’s fussy or whimpers a little but that pathetic scream breaks my heart (and makes my ears bleed) so we do everything in our power not to hear it! So, I rolled out of bed to investigate…

Well apparently she was hungry and Melissa had totally ignored her need for food!

By ignored, I mean she changed Loren’s diaper and Loren started to tinkle. So Mel held a wipe over her so she didn’t soak the entire apartment (like she did her nursery). Loren kicked Mel’s hand, knocking the wipe out of it and proceeded to soak herself, Melissa, the changing station on the pack n play AND the ottoman that sits next to it.

The screams were from the end of the bath she required after all that. She doesn’t mind the bath…the warm water soothes her. It’s the rinsing of her hair under faucet and the getting cold while drying that she hates.

I took her and dressed her so Mel could change her urine soaked clothes and she calmed right down…It’s amazing what a little food and warm clothes will do for a baby! 🙂


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