>Baby Acne!

>Sunday Michelle and her 3 year old son “S” stopped by on their way home from a birthday party…it was during the “bouncy stopped vibrating must go get a new before Loren realizes it” time period, so they were already inside when we got back.

I brought Loren in still strapped in her carrier with a blanket over it (b/c it’s sunny until 8pm) and when I took the blanket off Mr. S looked over and realized there was a baby and say “OH HOW SWEET!”. Boys aren’t always known for their gentle demeanor, but he does have a baby sister (Miss S) and he was so lovey towards Loren. He petted her foot, patted her head, and kissed her hand! We had dinner with them last night and Miss S gave me stinkeye the entire night…like I ruined her day by showing up!

Loren is having her newborn photos done today. Our wedding photographer (who is AMAZING, not only did he capture some beautiful photos of our wedding, he’s super friendly and goes above and beyond the call of duty!) is doing a year of memories package so we will have photos done when she’s a newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months!

Unfortunately, the doctors and nurses at the hospital AND the pediatrician all told us to expect baby acne. Sixteen whole days and we had none…but then on day 17 her forehead broke out like she was going through puberty and day 18 was no better AND it spread! It looks like someone punched my sweet baby under her eye…but it’s just bright red baby acne, and this morning it was on her cheek. Do you remember what day 19 is? Day 19 is newborn photo day…

I think Mr. S is right…She is so sweet and she’s so easy to look at it…even with wide spread baby acne…


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