>random ramble…

>Maybe it’s the mom in me but I think Loren is the most beautiful baby in the world! I could look at her all day long!

I love her pouty lips, the way she stretches out so long when she wakes up, how her forehead wrinkles like she’s in deep thought, the little chirpy noises that she makes and how she still curls up in a little ball!

It has seemed like her mood goes downhill right around the time I get home from work…coincidence? I went home for lunch and the lazy little monkey slept the entire time I was there! Apparently, she let Mel shower, do some laundry and all sorts of other things while being a good newborn but I walk in the door around 5pm and Little Miss Fussy emerges!

We are definitely in a weird transitional place. I miss hugs, snuggles, and cuddles with Mel, having real conversations, sleeping in the bed at the same time and our routine. I know this will get easier and Loren will eventually get into a routine too but for now I’m tired…I wouldn’t change anything because I’m so happy she’s finally here but I will be happy when my honey is getting more sleep.


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