>So behind!

>She’s 5 days old and I already feel like I’m way behind on this blog.

I’m back in the office today…way harder than I thought it would be. My girls were so beautiful snuggled on the couch this morning. I made Mel some oatmeal, snuggled Loren and kissed them goodbye. Five days have already flown by…she’ll be in college before we know it!

Our Birth Story.

Wednesday 8/4/10 10pm: Check into the hospital.
First, the hospital staff were incredibly nice including the valet guys, the lady in the ER, the intake girl, and the nurses (excluding the one with the mustache!). The plan was Melissa would recieve two doses of a cervix softening medication and then pitocin early Thursday morning. However, when they checked Mel she was already 2cm 80% effaced so they started a slow drip of pitocin at midnight. They gradually increased the pitocin throughout the morning.

The external monitors kept slipping off of Mel so they placed two internal monitors. One to monitor contractions the other was attached to the babys head to monitor her heart rate.

Thursday 8/5/10: The nurse came rushing in saying the baby’s heart rate had dropped. Before we could blink and eye Mel had the oxygen mask on, she had gotten a shot to stop contractions, and they were making her flip back and forth to get the baby in a better position. Soon her heart rate was back to normal. Melissa was at 9cm, but they wanted the baby to “recover” some before they started to push.

A few hours later she was ready to go! She only pushed a few times and Loren Grace was here! She was screaming, she was lavender, as soon as they put her on Melissa’s chest she started sucking her hand. She was beautiful!

We came home on Friday afternoon and started to settle in. There hasn’t been much sleep and sadly I’ve gotten more than Melissa because she’s the only one who can feed the baby. On a bright note, she slept in her swing (which I’ve moved into the bedroom) last night for four glorious hours! I had forgotten what it was like to snuggle and share the bed with my honey!


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