>I dream of…WTF?

>I dream A LOT…if I wake up soon there after I usually remember my dreams.

Some are good…some are bad…some are sad…

Last week I dreamed I beat my dad (who’s dead) over the head with a motor cycle helmet for stealing my mom’s (who’s alive) life insurance money, from me and my siblings. That one didn’t sit well with me…left me feeling icky and I wished I didn’t remember it. Who beats up their dead parent?

After I had this dream I was in a funk all day and it occurred to me, I haven’t dreamed about the baby at all. Until last night…

I was out running an errand in a big red truck (no clue who the truck belonged to), but getting back to the school (SCHOOL?) was difficult because there were so many people in the parking lot, so I took longer than expected. I had my phone and I could see I had messages but I couldn’t get to them. I finally got back to the school and my grandmother (who lives in MS) is casually bathing a baby and says “Melissa’s is in the tub”. It didn’t occur to me that the (adorable!) little girl was Loren Grace. So I go to check on Mel and she’s laying on her stomach in the bathtub…mumbling something about how she can’t believe she did it without an epidural…and then I freaked OUT and insisted that we go to the hospital. And then my alarm clock went off…

One thing that always remains the same in my dreams – I can NEVER use my phone. It’s like my fingers are numb and can’t dial numbers or text.

Someone analyze this craziness….

Did I mention the baby was SUPER cute?


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