>Baby Bonding Time

>I’ve mentioned baby bonding time before. California allows 12 weeks of baby bonding time for spouses. Six of those weeks are paid at 55% of your income and the other six weeks are not paid.

My current plan is to take 6 weeks paid and 3 weeks using my vacation hours (which I’ve been painstakingly saving throughout this pregnancy), which means my baby bonding time needs to align itself with our Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi.

So the current plan (as long as all goes accordingly) is Mel will be home for six weeks after LMC arrives(if she delivers after she’s induced on 8/5/10), there’s a two week gap (I guess Loren Grace will grow up fast and stay home alone…I’m kidding…we just don’t have a concrete plan yet), and then I’ll start my baby bonding time beginning of October and be with her until the beginning of December.

I imagine one of two things happening by the time December rolls around. I’m dying to get back to work because I’m stir crazy OR I’ll have to be dragged back kicking and screaming. There’s a 50/50 chance it could go either way!

Geez…October seems so far away.


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