>No news…

>No news isn’t always good news.

I was not so secretly hoping that Loren Grace would make her grand entrance today so that she and one of her name sakes (aunt Lauren) would share their birthdays! How cute would that be on the calender? Loren and Lauren.

Alas this does not appear to be the case. I just got back from Melissa’s Dr. appointment and for the most part nothing has changed. She’s still dilated one centimeter and she’s 60% effaced. So we wait…likely until next Wednesday when they will induce at 10pm.

Conversations from marriage:

Darcie: We should put the hospital address into Garmin (our GPS) and leave it with the hospital bag.
Melissa: Why? You take the 5 to BLAH BLAH ST and you’re practically there.
Darcie: Yeah, but what if there’s a road closure or an accident on the freeway.
Melissa: Ok, I guess that makes sense.

And that my friends is why I’m the planner…even though I may overly do it sometimes!


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