>No Monkey…

>Well, Loren Grace has taken to ignoring my requests to move on out! I feel like we’ve already entered the teen angst years!

Melissa said she feels like she’s way lower (as of yesterday) and her movements don’t seem so extreme. On that same note she is apparently moving a lot! (RAVE at 3:30am!), which means the Cotton’s are not sleeping well!

I don’t know why I call her monkey…but I think it’s cute! I call Mel and I say “how’s monkey” and she reminds me that our child is not a monkey…but a human! I’m not buying it! I see the flips and turns and twists she’s done in Mel’s belly! I’m sure she’s swinging from Mel’s ribs like Tarzan!

The lack of sleep is clearly catching up to me…

Mel has another Dr. appointment tomorrow…should be a quicky and we should know if she’s dilated anymore…


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