>Oh Monkey…

>Typically I’m the nervous, overly prepared one but I got a little indication from Melissa this morning that maybe she’s getting there. I was walking out of the bedroom to leave for work and she says in a sleepy stupor…”be sure to keep your phone on you!”.

All I can think now is “does she have some sort of secret pregnant power that tells her my little monkey is coming today?”. Here’s to hoping…I could really use a few days off work…you know a true vacation – one with a screaming, pooping, hungry new born that I have little knowledge of how to care for! Sounds good…right?

Only 9 days until induction day…although, there are a slew of birthday people this week who are hoping she comes on their day!


5 thoughts on “>Oh Monkey…

  1. >She's evil right…why would she try to break my heart by sending a boy??? And yes, if it's a boy it will be all her fault and she better whip out the check book because all this crap has been washed and therefore can't be returned!

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