>I’m looking at the cute little pea-pod tracker on this page and it says “Melissa is 37 weeks 4 days pregnant” and then it says “only 17 days to go” and I think…LIAR.

Then, I’m checking my calender where I numbered a countdown until Mel’s due date and it says “17” and again I think LIAR!

My new countdown is 12 days until they induce…unless Loren Grace decides to come sooner! I can only hope she waits until Melissa’s family is back from their trip to San Diego. I know it’s not far but I would hate to interrupt their vacation!

Melissa and I are having a date night this weekend. I suppose it will be the last one for a while, so we better make it count!

Conversations from marriage.

{Sitting on the couch}

Darcie: I wish I were a medical professional so I could see if you had dilated more.
Melissa: I do not wish that.
Darcie: Oh…


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