>Panic has officially set in.

>I’m going to be a mom in 2 weeks or less! (emphasis on the OR LESS!)

I’m so excited to meet our daughter, but then there’s all the doubt and panic.

I’m really regretting this conversation from marriage:

{looking at a book of classes offered in our community}

Darcie: Do you think we should take a parenting class?
Mel: Not really.
Darcie: What about a birthing class?
Mel: Nah.
Darcie: We are pretty good with kids and we were in the room with Michelle when she birthed Steven…I’m sure you’ve got it down.


Our 965 sq ft apartment looks like a baby store EXPLODED in it! I’m sure our family will walk in and ask why we’ve got every baby contraption known to man – in the living room!

Side note: We finally broke down and made the appointment to bomb for fleas. Hopefully we will be flea free in a few hours! (until eggs hatch and we need to bomb again…GOSH!)


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