>Everyone I know who has ever been pregnant is sick of answering the same questions over and over again by the end of their pregnancy.

I can’t imagine this is the case for Mel! She’s so shy that people tend to ask me the questions and I can honestly say I’m not sick of answering them. You want to talk about LMC? Bring. It. On.

The most popular question as of late is: “Has the baby dropped?” To be honest, I had to ask Mel why everyone was interested in her dropping and what the big deal was! Common sense told me that must mean her scooching down and beginning her exit strategy! Apparently she will be “engaged” (in THE WOMB!!) and not be able to move out of the engaged position when (or if) she actually drops! Makes me feel claustrophobic just thinking about her being stuck in the same position!

Melissa is 37 weeks and now considered full term. She’s feeling pretty good. Other than being super tired, she has very few complaints!

21 days until her due date!

Do you have any questions?


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