>The moment you’ve all been begging for!

>As a special way to thank our friends and family for giving us such an amazing baby shower we decided to tell our guests the baby’s name!

They were all sworn to secrecy and lives were threatened, mostly because I had to tell my family before I could tell another sole!

Most of you know that Melissa and I really put a lot of thought into picking Little Miss Cotton’s name! Not only did we want a name that couldn’t be shortened to “BJ or DJ…” (and so on), but we also wanted a name that was meaningful.

{drum roll pleaaaaaaase}

So we chose Loren Grace. Loren is actually Melissa’s dads name (and her grandfathers, although her dad goes by Larry) and Lauren is my cousin’s name (Lauren is really like my sister).

We had several middle names that we liked – Elisabeth, Olivia, and Lynn (which I didn’t actually like, but Mel did!). Finally we decided on Loren Olivia…until I heard our attorney say it and he ruined it! He said Ughhh-livia. Like “UGH – what’s that smell?”, which took us back to the drawing board.

Grace came about during our second run through, it doesn’t really have any special meaning for us (other than we have a few friends whose names or middle names are Grace) but I just love the way it sounds. I also like that all three names are balanced (Loren Grace Cotton), which is why Elisabeth got booted (the name didn’t look balanced when I doodled it! – yes I know I’m crazy!) So, there you have it – Loren Grace should be making her arrival in just a few short weeks! This is the print I ordered from Etsy a few weeks ago for her room! Now, I need to find a frame!


2 thoughts on “>The moment you’ve all been begging for!

  1. >Hey, Lynn is my middle name! HahaI really love the name. I've been testing it out the past few days and it's so much more fun to say "Baby Loren would look so cute in this!" rather than "Little Miss Cotton…!" etc. =]And may I say, I'm wicked excited to meet her (and take her to Disneyland)!!! =D

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