>Baby Shower: A photo journal


It’s Baby Shower Day!
I love this balloon! (He later flew away!)
Tasty Tasty Cake!
Mel’s mom made a cute diaper cake!
Settling in for a day of catching up, good food, and fun!
Michelle and Rachael showing off their personalized glasses!

Me with Michelle (She and Mel’s mom hosted the shower)
My best friend made a super sweet video and sent it from Korea…we were all watching!
And Mo (background) and I were crying…
And then we opened gifts (and our guests played gift bingo!)
I love this piggy bank!
More super cute baby clothes!
We even got a little help from our niece, unwrapping LMC’s presents!

Michelle made us several blankets – one was bright and had little
monsters on it! (Mel’s favorite!)

Thank you to all of came and celebrated LMC with us and a special thanks to Sue and Michelle (and the team of friends who helped them) throw such a perfect day for us!

2 thoughts on “>Baby Shower: A photo journal

  1. >Everyone gets bingo cards with baby items on it and as the gifts are opened they mark their cards! It gives guests something to do while gifts are being opened!

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