>Bed Hog

>Melissa has some kind of scary power to control herself when she sleeps that I do not posses.

I wish I could draw you a diagram of how she had been sleeping for the past few weeks. If I slept upside down it would be perfect. She’s angled herself in so that we are basically sharing a pillow, leaving me no option but to sleep on my side and/or tuck my arms under me. If I’m on my back my arm has no where to go!

I realize she’s pregnant and needs her space so I’ve resisted saying anything. Well, two nights ago I mentioned it, clearly stated that I didn’t need her to change anything, that I was really just making fun of her for being the bed hog (for once!!!).

I swear I don’t understand how she does it, but she hasn’t been in the middle of the bed once since I said something!

Once I’m asleep you can count on two things. I will move every time you touch me AND I will take every millimeter of available space. I have zero control and have been known to roll over on Mel if she gets too close when I’m on my side! Thus the reason we know we will never let the baby sleep in the bed with us! I’d totally smush her!


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