>Do you have a favorite book from your childhood?

I’m beginning to think my mom didn’t read to me…not only do I not have a favorite book, I don’t even remember books being around when I was little! It’s a miracle I’m not illiterate! When we visit our nieces and nephews they have lots of books, all nice and pristine! I can distinctly remember my siblings having books with torn pages/covers that looked like they had gone through a wood chipper!

Melissa’s favorite book is The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Her original copy currently resides on our bookshelf!

In honor of her favorite book we also have a matching Sorcerer Mickey ornament that hangs on our tree! He even lights up! (ooohhh ahhhh)

My point here, I hope LMC loves books! I secretly hope that her favorite is the same as her mommy’s! If not, we might regret putting so many books on the amazon registry!

What was your favorite book growing up? (My earliest reading memory is Goose Bumps…I doubt that’s considered ok for a toddler!)


6 thoughts on “>Read…

  1. >I adored the Little Critter books…then once I hit elementary school I ADORED the Junie B. Jones books and actually read them up until I was twelve, even though by that time they were too easy for me (I still find them amusing at 20!).

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