>Flipping Out

>I mentioned last week that I found a few dead fleas on the dog. Well, where there are dead fleas there are flea eggs which lead to GROSS living fleas.

So, we’ve been battling the fleas, there aren’t many, but we are still uber grossed out! Every tickle we feel or itch we have we immediately think it’s a flea.

So, I took a shower night before last and came rushing out to show Mel what I had just found on my shoulder.

Cue Conversation:

Dar: Hey, what is this (perfectly cylindrical, white pearlecent ball…)?
Mel: Umm, I dont know.
Dar: But, it’s not a flea egg right????
Mel: I’m pretty sure it’s too big, to round and too pearly to be a flea egg, Babe.
Dar: Oh {squishes is}….OHHHHHHH I think it’s a bead from my shower gel…
Mel: Yeah that would make more sense…pearlized flea egg…

Hopefully this battle is almost over. We are really trying to do this without bombing or spreading chemicals all over our apartment because Mel would have to leave for an entire day (she’s on summer break) as would the animals….

I swear I just felt a tickle on my arm and checked for a flea…I’m at work.


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