>Tales of Baby Big Head..

>Assuming blogs still exist when LMC is old enough to compute and locate this blog she might find her current nickname offensive…(I love you little girl…and as your momma I can call you baby big head if I want!)

It has been several weeks since the Bonus Ultrasound with the BUL (Bonus Ultrasound Lady), who lacked bedside manner! However, Mel finally got to see her OB for the results.

Looks like LMC is growing perfectly all except her head. It’s apparently larger than it should be for how far along Mel is. The doctor said to the naked eye we wouldn’t be able to tell (WHEW!) but, the measurements needed to be taken again in a few weeks to determine if Mel would deliver vaginally or via c-section.

I think she has 2 more weeks before she gets to visit the BUL again…lucky huh!?

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of BABY BIG HEAD (<—say that in your best announcer voice!)


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