>Insert Witty Title Here

>Just under 6 weeks until Melissa’s due date.

Little Miss Cotton’s statistics are starting to stack up.

She’s the size of a cantaloupe.

She should weigh 4 3/4 lbs.

She’s approximately 18 inches long.

She’s getting fatter! (To help regulate her temp)

I know we’ve got almost 6 weeks to go…but I’m already on BABY WATCH 2010! I’ve threatened Mel’s life if she leaves home without her phone and I’m still hoping and praying her water does not break in our bed! (SO GROSS!)


3 thoughts on “>Insert Witty Title Here

  1. >LOL at the water-breaking part.So weird/cool/awesome/freaky/all sorts of other adjectives that she's like, an actual human being now. She looks all human and is formed and what have you. Babies (and the way they grow in-utero) are so cool.

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