>45 Days To Go…

>Only 45 days until Melissa’s due date!!!!!

I’m almost past the “that’s so tiny” phase when I look at LMC’s clothes…I’ve officially entered the “I can’t wait to see her in that” phase.

In one sense 45 days seems so close but in the other it seems so far away! I can’t wait to meet her, see her little face, and hold her tight! Melissa is a little afraid of “mushy” babies, you know when they have no muscle and can barely lift a finger let alone hold up their own head? But I LOVE them! “Mushy” babies have no choice but to lay in my arms and be loved…when they start wiggling it’s a little more difficult! 🙂

Thanks to all of you for commenting on yesterday’s post and entering to win the Starbucks gift card! For those of you haven’t commented yet, there is still time! The drawing will be on Monday June 28th.

The shower is in 2 weeks and I’m even more excited now!! Don’t forget to RSVP if you haven’t already done so! Melissa and I are planning a surprise for our guests!


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