>Mommy in training…

>While I’ve been trying to prepare the animals for the babies arrival they have taken it upon themselves to prepare me for motherhood.

Many of you remember a few weeks ago Boston hurt his back (which we now know he has a narrowing spine) and had to have medicine once a day for 14 days.

Then Boston got a hot spot. I had to trim his hair, bathe him (which happens once a week anyway), and treat said hot spot.

Yesterday, they upped their game.

I’ve apparently angered the cat because he chose to not use his litter box and leave me a gift to find the second I stepped out of bed.

After, cleaning and spot botting the floor in our bedroom Melissa comes in with the dog…he has another hot spot.

While I was bathing the dog, I saw a few dead fleas wash off of him. He’s treated with Frontline so that’s not really a big deal – they jump on, they bite, they die.

The cat however, does not go outside so he is not treated with Frontline. I was concerned that the dog may have brought some in since there were 4 dead ones during bath time. Brushing the cat there was flea dirt (which I know because Melissa googled it)- Flea dirt is just a nice way of saying flea POOP!

A trip to the pet store to get cat flea shampoo. Order placed for cat frontline (or something like it)…

Cue Conversation:

Darcie: He is not going to be happy about this bath.
Mel: And you know you have to bathe him because I shouldnt be submerged in flea killing chemicals…
Darcie: umm…he’s going to claw my face off.

Melissa did have to help me…Orion is STRONG and was not pleased about the water, soap, sink comination. He MEOOOOOOOOOOOOWED really loudly at me but he didnt claw, bite or kill…which is way more than I expected.

He did scratch Mel a little once bath time was over and he was trying to haul butt out of there!

Click to enlarge!

In actuality I dont know if they were trying to prepare me for motherhood or punish me for bringing a baby into the house…either way – she’ll be here in a few short weeks!


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