>Two Anniversaries…

>Melissa and I started dating five years ago today. Melissa says we aren’t allowed to have two anniversaries…but I still mentally celebrate both! So while there are no gifts or hoopla today (we save that for October) there is still a celebration in my heart. I’m truly the happiest girl in the world!

There’s no doubt that Melissa and I were made for each other! I love how silly we are , but I also love our serious moments too!

She not only lets me do silly things (like ride the fake shamu), but she participates! (And usually encourages the silliness!)

We pretend to be professional bowlers! (I’m really good… I think I scored a 98 this day!)

She pretended to ask me to marry her with a palm leaf rose…I said “Umm where’s the ring?”And an hour later she asked again for real…sneaky girl!

I love this girl with all my heart.

Happy Zero Dollar/Quit Your
Job at Summer Camp
Day HBOOM I love you!


One thought on “>Two Anniversaries…

  1. >Awww…Maybe it's because I'm hormonal but I totally teared up reading that post! You guys are so lucky to have found each other. You truly are perfect for each other 🙂 Happy Non-Anniversary!

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