>Sleep…or lack there of

>LMC (Little Miss Cotton) is definitely getting bigger. Every wiggle, squirm, and hiccup causes Mel’s belly to seize and go crazy!

LMC has had the hiccups multiple times per day, every day for the last 5 days. I feel so sorry for her (and MEL!), I know I really hate the hiccups! Mel’s mom said that Melissa had the hiccups a lot too!

It’s a little creepy to watch Mel’s belly move – I know she’s getting crowded in there! I would like to say – those people who say “I didn’t know I was pregnant” are total liars! I do not see how it would be possible to have no idea you were pregnant!

LMC didn’t let Mel sleep at all last night. She was awake every 45 minutes…which meant I too was awake A LOT! I hope this isn’t the new trend or all of you moms who have been telling me to be sure to get plenty of sleep now neglected to mention something!

Melissa and I went to a first birthday party this weekend! It was nice! We got to spend some time with my family, play with the kiddos, and visit with other adults! I’m sure before we know it we will be cooing, caaing and goo goo gaaing way too often!

Me and the Birthday Girl!

We will be re-starting the child care search this week…a battle I had hoped was over but it’s not. I hope we can find something that works for us and our wallet!

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