>Children of lesbian couples better off?

>I try to stay away from the hot topics when possible (ie – religion, politics…etc)…but not today I guess…

Last week my friend Erik sent me a link to an article titled: Study: Children of lesbian couples better off

In short:

The results of the first-ever study to look at children raised by lesbians from birth to adolescence are in. Researchers found that these children might be better off than those of straight couples. The study, published yesterday in the journal Pediatrics, showed that “children raised by lesbian mothers — whether the mother was partnered or single — scored very similarly to children raised by heterosexual parents on measures of development and social behavior,” according to . But “…children in lesbian homes scored higher than kids in straight families on some psychological measures of self-esteem and confidence, did better academically and were less likely to have behavioral problems, such as rule-breaking and aggression.”

I realize that this was the first study and had a relatively small pool (like 100) of participants…so take the findings with a grain of salt.

I chose to read the comments (I’m an idiot) to the article. While there are a lot of positive comments I found that people are very brave and say whatever is on their mind when they are anonymously spouting off via the internet.

“Of course these gay parents will be devastated when their kids aren’t gay…”

To you Mr. Anonymous Spouter – ARE YOU KIDDING ME? When did you become the expert on what anyone thinks? Do you think being gay is all happy and fairy tales? Let me tell you this – I want my child to be happy. Whether she be gay or straight, republican or democrat, conservative or liberal – ALL I WANT IS HAPPY! All the other stuff like, successful and smart will just be icing on my cake!

My Uncle Russ (yes, gay runs in my family…) says this: “Being gay is hard. People are always judging you, making fun of you and it’s not fair to have to fight for the same rights everyone else has. Why would I ever CHOOSE this? However, this is who I am and I’m happy.”

So Mr. Spouter – I won’t be upset if she is gay, but it would suck that she has deal with assholes like you.

I will however say this regarding the article- there are no unwanted kids in gay families. We spent a lot money and put in a lot of effort for this pregnancy and view our family no different than anyone elses. She will be loved and raised to accept others for who they are and to be who makes her happy.

For those who might argue that a child needs both male and female influences I say this:

1.This argument isn’t even valid in the straight world. How many single mothers are there that got knocked up during a one night stand? How many dads walk out on their families? Or how many parents stay together “for the kids” – only to create a hostile/scary environment?

2. While we are lesbians, we don’t hate men and we aren’t some crazy bra burning feminists. We have many male (gay and straight) friends and family members who will love LMC to pieces.

I can’t say LMC will be better off than anyone else, but I will strive to give her a better childhood and a simpler life than I ever had.


One thought on “>Children of lesbian couples better off?

  1. >Small world. Several of my friends were talking about this article last night. There are no perfect families. And who really can say what situation is ideal? I'm not sure that I could have handled two Ellens growing up! (Just kidding, mom. Love you!) I'm happy to see such positive research emerging about lesbian parents!

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