>Child Care: Part…uhhh

>We’ve finally decided what we are going to do regarding child care. Well, we decided a while ago but I forgot to blog about it.

Ideally, one of us could stay home OR we lived close enough to family that she could stay with them (for free) for the first few months, but we don’t live in an ideal world…so we take as close to ideal as we can get!

We have a friend who lives in our apartment complex. She’s college aged and will be going to school in the late afternoon/evenings so her mornings are free. Mel will adjust her schedule so that she gets home around 1:30pm most days. So, the baby will be with the sitter for as few hours as possible.

While we do have to pay her (She’s a starving college student after all…), it is significantly less than taking her to a daycare center. I also really like that she will just come over to our apartment and there wont be any hectic scramble of trying to gather baby, baby gear, self, purse, get to child care and get to work…

This also works because an actual day care charges you even when the baby isn’t there (Like, when Mel is on Winter Break from school…or when we are on our trip to MS…), and that won’t be the case here…

One more thing checked off our list of things to do…

Update: Well, here we are 2 days later and this has apparently changed. Back to step one…great


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