>Do you guys realize how much of your information is handed out every time you visit a website?

Don’t get me a wrong – I love to see who visits, who my regulars are, and who I’ve lost (R.I.P. Waterloo…), but it makes me a little nervous that I – the least technologically advanced person I know – can easily install/track who’s visiting. (Who’s in Hermanville? You’re such a regular and I love you for it!)

Some people were apparently smart when they set up their internet and there is no information available. I say smart, but I really mean – ” I hate they are so secretive!”.

I can even get more detailed information.

Today someone from the Ford Motor Company visited…random right? They apparently had some free time on their hands while at work.

If someone googles and finds me I can see what they googled (i.e. cat lady, lesbian, moms…).

What I’m saying here is – if you want to do something to stupid, like build a bomb…don’t google it!


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