>Thank you for bein’ a friend…

>I grew up watching the Golden Girls…I’m pretty sure it was already in re-runs when I started. It’s crazy that a teenager could love a bunch of post-menopausal women…but I did…I DO! I’m super sad that Rue Mcclanahan passed away today. So here’s a tribute to some of my nearest and dearest…

Melissa is obviously my person (like Meredith and Christina) I tell her everything…even the lame crap she probably doesn’t want to hear about…but she’s my person so she has to listen. However, if I had to guess I would say Melissa has never watched an episode of The Golden Girls (or Designing Women), and that’s OK…I don’t want Star Trek.

Laura – My BFF. We met when I was 15 and she was 16.
She had a car…and she let me drive all the time! When we would drive thru for food I made her order from the passenger seat because I was totally scared to talk to the speaker. We got tattoos together (I got a flower…she got a four leaf clover). She moved to CA 2 weeks after I did. We’ve lived together. We’ve gotten lost together. We’ve had fights…and made up. She moved away…and this makes me very sad. (I dreamed last night I befriended her ex-huband {very unlikely as he wasnt my biggest fan} and it made Laura mad so she stole my car and hid it from me!) (Photo: Centered and ready to catch the boquet…and she did. Note Erik/Paco – also trying to catch the boquet!)

Lauren – Is my first cousin. I think of her as my sister – we spent our most formable years together. We grew up together in more than just age. When I was in High School we got a pool, we were so excited we got in before chemicals had been added and both got gnarly ear infections. I rode my first rollercoaster with her. We “camped” in the trailer. I was her maid of honor…she was mine. She stands up for me and she always has. She lives in MS (Sad darcie…I miss her). (Photo: Lauren as my maid of honor…she gets a pretty pic b/c she would kill me if I posted a bad one!)

Erik/Paco – We met by chance. He went to high school with a girl I went to college with. He thought people didnt know he was gay. He gave me this long heartfelt coming out story …and I neglected to tell him I was a lesbian. He make me laugh. We went to our first Pride together. He was first on board to come visit me after I moved to CA. He mixes with my other friends perfectly! I hate that he lives on the opposite coast. (Photo: On the dance floor. I love this one because he looks so jazzed about the song!)

Do you see a trend here? I would really like to live within driving distance of my friends…i have nice weather…can’t you guys move here? We can meet in the kitchen at 3am for cheesecake!

Don’t get me wrong…I have a lot of really good friends, many of whom will get there panties in a bunch because they dont get their name in lights for this blog! Calm down people…it’s just a blog! I love you…but this thing is already too long!

I hope our baby makes lasting friendships like I have.


8 thoughts on “>Thank you for bein’ a friend…

  1. >seriously…you better be glad you got a shout out since it's implied that you're my person! (and how many pics of you have their been on this blog???)Geez…you were not the one I expected to bitch and moan Cotton!

  2. >Awwww. This whole blog was super-sweet. And the last sentence just made me smile, thinking of Baby Cotton and her lifelong friendships waiting to be made (some with babies not even born yet =]). I know, I'm a sap.

  3. >I didn't steal your car because I was mad. I stole it because I'm lazy and tired of being carless!!!! And you KNOW Baby Cotton (Larchelley) will be the belle of the ball (or "bail" of the ball, if you will) with tons of friends!

  4. >oops! "'Bale' is the correct spelling when we're referring to a large bound parcel or closely pressed package of some substance, such as cotton, hay or paper. This comes ultimately from an old Germanic word that's related to ball. On the other hand, when we're clearing water from the bottom of a boat, we correctly bail it out, from French 'baille,' a bucket." -world wide words…WHO KNEW???

  5. >You know it is not easy to make a gay man tear up, but lesbians have a tendency to do that to us from time to time, that and we are all still grieving over Blanche being gone as well :-)We will always share a special bond and while you and Melissa are being the two best darned Moms on the West Coast, Paul and I will be the two best darned uncles on the East coast and will only be a phone call (and 5 hour flight) away! Designer baby clothes in the mail, check, a lifetime of friendship, double check!

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