>crap on a cracker…

>It always makes me laugh when I (or my southern friends/family) say something that’s more of a “southern saying” and it totally confuses Melissa. It makes me laugh even harder when she hears something totally wrong. A few examples of both…(Be sure to read my parts with a southern accent and be sure to enunciate every syllable when you read Mel’s part!)

Darcie: Wooo…I’m sweatin like a whore in church.
Did you just say you were sweating like a whore in church?

Darcie: I didn’t fall off the turnip truck yesterday.
What? What does a turnip truck have to do with anything?

Laura: OH, I wanna go – I just need to take a quick whores bath.
{Looking at Darcie} what’s a horse bath?

While watching Chuck –

Begin Scene the sexy Sarah Walker is fighting Nicole Richie.

“Smack My Bitch Up” begins to play.

Mel: I used to think they were saying Smack My Bishop
{laughing…really hard} Oh my gosh…I’ve got to call Laura (except she lives on a different continent so I had to settle for a facebook message)
{quickest reply ever} Crap on a cracker…I cannot stop laughing.
Mel: crap on a cracker?

Laura also has a friend who thought “Hold me closer tiny dancer” was actually “Hold me closer Tony Danza”. Yeah there are no secrets.

This weekend Mel’s best friend Mo was in town, we were talking about the deaths of Gary Coleman and Dennis Hopper and had this conversation:

Mo: You know who looks really bad…Patrick Swayze
Darcie: Umm, I’m pretty sure he’s already dead.
Mo: Really? I’m not surprised last I saw him he looked really bad.
Darcie: Yeah…he died in September last year. So I guess he would look really bad.
Mo: Oh

ahhh I love the weekends and laughing a lot! 🙂


3 thoughts on “>crap on a cracker…

  1. >Ok, I am having a pretty good laugh right now. I was scrolling through your posts and showed C.J. the latest baby picture. What I said to her 'Here's Mel and Darcie's baby '. What she heard 'Here's Melon, Darcie's baby'. She went into shock thinking that you named her Melon (it does have an E after all). It could work.

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