>Window Tint…

>It’s official Melissa is never going to get her window’s tinted.

After her Jetta died last October she had to get a new car…with black leather seats – OIY! The real down fall is that the windows have almost no tint on them. So, the plan since October has been to get the windows tinted. However, it seems like every time we have “extra” money to do it something else comes up.

For Example, Boston has been acting lethargic and weird for a few days so we took him to the vet yesterday…$255 later – Melissa isn’t getting her windows tinted.

Other things that lead to no tint –
my air conditioner stopped working in my car
our earthquake insurance is due
attorney fees
adoption fees
my dental fees

Side note: The dog is feeling much better, he’s taking meds and we are trying to make him rest…the best we can!

Ahh adulthood you are not what I dreamed you would be.


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