>long day…sleepless nights

>Yesterday looked like this for me:

6:25am – clock goes off…snooze
6:35am – snooze
6:45 am – snooze
6:55 am- FINE I’M UP! (my clock is persistent)
7:00 am- shower, get dressed, pack lunch/breakfast
7:30 am- leave house and find caffeinated beverage
7:50 am – arrive at work, ignore creepy security guard.
8:00am – 10:00 am – I’m way busy
10:00am – 11:45am – work on the final for my nutrition class
11:45am – eat lunch
1:00pm – work on final for my earthquakes class
3:00 pm – get REALLY busy again…
4:30pm – finally get to go home…
4:45pm – arrive home, find Mel in bed with headache. Ponder dinner…
5:15pm – clean kitchen, cook fajitas, clean kitchen again
6:30 pm – watch some tv
8:30 pm – find bright red, hairless patch on worlds cutest miniature schnauzer…
9:00pm – bathe and dry dog
10:30 pm – get in bed…I’m exhausted…

little did I know there would be very little sleep
Between the cat (who remains clingy), the dog (who I was worried about so I woke up everytime he moved) , and the pregnant wife I got very little sleep….

I may be delirious…am I even writing this?


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