>weekends are always too short…

>I’m a little concerned about the cat. He’s shedding like none other – like giant chucks of black fur (so gross) and he’s drinking more water than normal (in turn using his box more often…which means more works for me! GRR). By no means do we have the money to take the cat to the vet for a bunch of tests! He isn’t acting sick or anything…so for now I’m assuming he’s shedding and drinking in preparation for summer.

As a side note, because the cat is shedding like crazy the need to vacuum has increased. We have a fancy schmancy vacuum that’s especially for pet hair. I fired up the vacuum and it was SO LOUD! Like this high pitched scream…uh oh something is not right.

The noise was very reminiscent of the time Melissa accidentally set the alarm off at Joel and Michelle’s at 6:00am when we were dog sitting…I seriously lost some of my ability to hear that day.

So, I lint rolled the majorly hairy spots and shoved the vacuum back in the closet and prayed it will be quieter next time. That was the logical move…right?


3 thoughts on “>weekends are always too short…

  1. >don't you have a glucometer? you can check your cat yourself if you do. Just prick the little vein that runs along the outside edge of his ear and use a drop from that. increased thirst is a sign of diabetes (yes, animals get it too). Maybe he's just being sympathetic to Mel.

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