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>Went to meet the attorney yesterday. I’d like to tell you that it went amazingly, but that would be a lie.

First, we chose this specific firm (our second choice, because our first choice moved to Phoenix) because he is a member of several gay friendly organizations and his website says he has experience with same sex clients. For crying out loud we found him in the gay yellow pages. However, I would say his immediate knowledge of same sex couples and their legal rights is limited – at best. He was unprepared because the “office girl” didn’t give him all of the details regarding our needs.

My favorite part of the conversation:

Attorney: So, you’re married.
Darcie: Yes
Attorney: Well, you know if you guys ever go to Iraq, Iran, or Saudi Arabia
Darcie and Mel: {stare in disbelief}
Attorney: You guys would need to pretend to be sisters…
Darcie: Umm, we have no intentions of traveling to the middle east…
Attorey: Because you guys are really lucky to live in California…people are more accepting here…
Darcie: Yeah, we travel to Mississippi…it’s practically the same thing as Iraq…{Insert Sarcasm Here}
Mel: {Still in a state of disbelief}

He was friendly, and I know he was trying to be nice…but it was freakin’ weird.

(Side note, when I told him about Mississippi – he noted it on his piece of paper and spelled it “Missippi”…)

He will be handling our legal documents (i.e. will, power of attorney…etc) and referring us to an adoption attorney. I, however, will also research those on my own (hopefully today).

It seems like I will definitely have to adopt the baby. I know it’s a huge pain in the ass, but I don’t want there to be any issues down the road.

more to come…


2 thoughts on “>blah blah blah…

  1. >1. Since your marriage is legal, you shouldn't have to adopt, no?2. You might want to check with the adoption attourney, because I know some states would require the birth mother to give up her parental rights for another woman to adopt the baby. Not sure if that applies in CA.

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