>All Grown Up…

>Sometimes there are things we have to do that I would like to pass off to the grown-ups and then I’m hit with the realization that we are the grown-ups…how the hell did that happen?

For example, when we were thinking about buying a condo I hated dealing with the Realtor and the bank and when we were looking for Mel’s new car I hated dealing with sleazy car salesmen. I never know who to trust and feel like the older grown ups do.

So today we have to go meet an attorney. (I call them attorneys now because Melissa says that I say lawyer wrong (LAW YOUR), I told her it’s phonetic and she said if that’s my story then I have say thumb (thum Bee) and knife (KA NIFE) phonetically too. (BTW she says Loy yer…and is apparently right according to the speech police).

I digress…

Anyway – today we’re meeting an attorney for several reasons. Mostly because being gay is a huge pain in the ass sometimes (don’t be confused, I wouldn’t have it any other way).

List of things we need an attorney for:

  • Will both of our names appear on the babies birth certificate automatically and if not how can we make that happen?
  • Do I have to adopt the baby or is she automatically mine (evil laughter) because Melissa and I are legally married?
  • If California doesn’t require that I adopt her will we hit any legal snafu’s when traveling out of state? (Like we would with our marriage?!)
  • We need to set up our “this is who gets the baby if anything happens to both of us” stuff.
  • As well as the “this is how we want our life insurance to be handled if anything happens to both of us” stuff.

Lots to do, lots of decisions to make (that I hope we never have to use), and let’s hope it’s not going to cost us an arm and a leg.

Side note: For all of those people who say domestic partnership is the same thing as marriage – how many of you have to deal with all of this crap because your marriage is recognized on a federal level? yeah…


3 thoughts on “>All Grown Up…

  1. >Mel and the speech police are right.And being gay is a major pain in the ass. For several reasons. But the whole baby-making-possible-need-for-adoption crap is the worst, IMHO.Oh, and random fact: A lawyer is someone who you hire for something specific (i.e. a will, to fight a specific time in court), while an attorney is someone you keep on retainer. Random Jeopardy fact of the day.

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