>Big Brother…

>I find that Mel and I laugh a lot. We laugh at other people, we laugh at the dog, we laugh when the Miss USA contest almost eats it on national television, but mostly we laugh at each other.

cue conversation:

Dar: Did we register for a video monitor?
Mel: We live in a one level apartment.
Dar: Yeah?
Mel: It’s only 1000 sq ft. why do you want a video monitor?
Dar: So, I can spy on the baby of course!
Mel: {Laughing}

How will she ever think that I am all knowing and she can’t get away with anything if I don’t set up the spy equipment?


2 thoughts on “>Big Brother…

  1. >1) Very true! Baby Cotton must know that her mommas will ALWAYS know if she ever even thinks of doing anything she's not suppposed to!2) Lucky girl, being born into a home with so much laughter =]

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