>I work for a university. My specific department is fairly small – there are six of us (plus four who just left our department, but are still around). For the most we all click really well, we all work well together, and we are all capable of helping each other out.

There are exceptions to almost every scenario. There are two people (both of whom are part of the “recently left our department, but are still around” group) that I just don’t have anything in common with. I find conversations that have nothing to do with work PAINFUL with these coworkers. I think one gets this vibe and just doesn’t bother (which is great!) and the other is clueless and likes to chit-chat.

So yesterday during chit-chat, she’s asking about the baby and the preparations. I gave her the gist of what we have done and what have left to do (it would be way easier if I could just give her the link to this blog…). Then, she seemed genuinely shocked that the baby would have her own room. I’m baffled.

Yes, the baby will sleep in our room for a few weeks however, she will eventually move into her own room. If we had other children I could possibly understand the question a little better, as three bedroom apartments are significantly most costly than two bedrooms, but this is not the case.

Am I missing something? Is it traditional for children to share a room with their parents? Is this a geographical thing? Because this was not the case in Mississippi…

Counting down the days until my pajama filled weekend…


10 thoughts on “>confusion

  1. >all parents need and should have their own room. a baby need his or her own room also. It is not traditional anyplace in the USA that children sleep with their parents unless space dictates it has to be that way.

  2. >As far as I've heard from various friends, it's up to the parents. Some parents keep the baby actually in the bed (not the bedroom – in between them in the bed) for months, while others put the baby in its own room the night it comes home. It's whatever works best for the parents and baby and whatever the parents think is best.

  3. >Haha a baby in the bed between us. Thats just too funny. Darcie would totally rollover onto the baby and suffocate it. How do I know this? She's tried to kill me a few times, but i'm big enough to wiggle out from under her. Neither trying to kill me or my desperate attempts at escape wake her!

  4. >Mine only slept with me (us) when I was too tired to sit up and feed them. Then nursing came in handy cause I could sleep at the same time. Only did that occasionally though because I was always afraid of suffocating them. They should definitely have their own room(s)

  5. >She will start out in our room, but definitely not in our bed. Mel doesn't lie – I'd probably roll over on her a suffocate her without ever knowing and I don't think babies belong in their parents bed.

  6. >My parents did the "family bed" thing, which meant all four of us in one bed. And we had a four bedroom house in Natchez! Apparently, it was a popular thing in the 70's, encouraged by Dr. Spock. I personally think it's crazy. How do you ever have "romantical" time???

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