>Weekend Fun

>Melissa’s parents (and grandmother) came to Orange County and spent (what just happened to be…) Mother’s Day weekend with us.

We had so much fun! Melissa and I both proved how pasty we truly are by getting sun-burned while walking around the swap meet!

We found a very cute shopping cart cover for Little Miss Cotton! It’s bright with cute little owls on it! Melissa and I actually found some big kid bedding at Target with owls on it that we LOVED! Too bad it didn’t come in crib style bedding!

We had Mothers Day brunch with Mel’s parents, Mel’s Aunt Kitty and Cousin Kyle, and Mel’s Sister, Brother in Law, niece and nephew!

Needless to say – it’s Wednesday and I’m still exhausted! We didn’t have any down time but it was totally worth it!

If you remember, I declared this coming weekend “Pajama Party” weekend…and by party I mean…do nothing while in my pajamas. However, I’m a little tempted by the California Strawberry Festival…but not that tempted.

Melissa and her mom on mother’s day!

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