>Thank Heaven for Little Girl…

>I’ve always been unapologetic about wanting a little girl. From insemination day forward I would talk to Mel’s belly telling it “Please be a girl…momma will love you if you’re a boy but, you will look funny in dresses.”

I’m not the only one who felt this way – Mel’s mom wouldn’t publicly admit it (sorry…cat’s out of the bag!) but she hoped for a girl too! In my opinion (and Sue’s) little boy stuff is cute but, little girl stuff is ADORABLE! I honestly couldn’t tell you what it’s like to not want a girl. Even when I wasn’t sure I wanted to have kids when I would picture it – I always always always had a little girl.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are people out there who really want/wanted a boy. My friends Michelle and Tara and Melissa’s sister all REALLY wanted boys…I have no idea what that feels like, even though I adore both Michelle’s and Amy’s (Mel’s sister) little boys!

Now, you’ve all seen the ultrasounds (and if you weren’t a reader back then shame on you!) but, I just can’t help but worry that we are going to have the 4d ultrasound and she’s suddenly going to be a HE! Again, I’ve seen the ultrasound it is very evident that will not be the case…but then again, you guys know I’m a worrier by nature.

Anyway, say a little prayer that our little girl hasn’t become a little boy otherwise, he will have a very girly bedroom and wardrobe (for the first 12 months at least!)


3 thoughts on “>Thank Heaven for Little Girl…

  1. >Girls are great but you WILL go broke on those adorable outfits! And then she will spit up and stain them, and you wonder why in the world you paid so much for something that well, is ruined or she grew out of only after wearing it twice!

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