>Tag team back again…

>On Monday my friend Carolyn came for a quick visit.

Boston, who loves everyone, especially loves Carolyn. So, he was, to say the least, more than excited to see her. After he ran and jumped and ran some more Carolyn went home.

And then Boston threw up every piece of kibble he had eaten just before Carolyn arrived.

Immediately Mel and I went into mommy-mode. I grab the dog and we go outside (just in case there’s more) and Mel grabs the spot bot and starts cleaning the rug. I like to see us work as a well oiled machine we don’t need to discuss who’s doing what we just know our roles.

Cue Conversation:

Mel: You could blog about how well we work together…you take dog, I spot bot.
Dar: Oh that’s true…
Mel: I take baby…you clean up mess.
Dar: Umm…NO! I always take the cute thing and you get the gross mess.
Mel: No.
Dar: But….

It was worth a try…right?


7 thoughts on “>Tag team back again…

  1. >I think after carrying your daughter for nine months, she might get to make the decision on who has to clean up grossness and who gets the cute thing.Just sayin'. =D

  2. >Well, that's not now it works. I love her and all but she wanted to carry the little monkey!We are actually really well balanced. In general we split duties pretty evenly…except when she's sick (which she's still milking!)

  3. >I'm sure there will be enough gross things happening with the baby you will both get your equal share of getting the gross and cute

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